Using this site

Donanino is a Gift Exchange. Here you can list items that you want to give it to others or want to get from others. If someone is looking for the item that you have listed he/she will indicate it in the site. Normally there maybe more than one person looking for same item. You will select one person that you like. This will send information to giver to send the item. Once giver ships the item, he/she will update the courier name and way-bill details, which you can use to track your gift. Once you receive the item, you will have to confirm receipt.

Essentially this Gift exchange works as online auction site like eBay® or Quickr®. Only difference with other auction site is absence of any financial transaction. This site is not for buying or selling goods. Our aim is to facilitate exchange of goods without traditional buying or selling. Normally some amount of money transaction maybe required to pay the packaging and transportation charges. We expect giver and receiver to settle these issues with mutual discussion. For this reason we provide a mailing mechanism to send messages without revealing the email address.



This is not a donation site. Here we promote mutual exchange of gifts. Normally we give gifts to our near and dear ones: friends, relatives, neighbours. Most of the time we do not know what the other party really want and end up giving "white elephant gifts". Here in Donanino, we solve two problems:
  1. We help you to reach out to a bigger audience
  2. We let you know what the other person want and make your gift counted
To do all these, we need to track your action and this require your login. We keep sending mails to notify you when someone wants your gift or when someone has shipped you a gift. We need your email address for this purpose. As per our policy, we do not share your email address. We share your address to other party on the event of they have to ship you an item. If you have maintained a phone number, it will be shared to giver/receiver over mail once you finalize accepting or giving gift to that person. This is done so that they can discuss modalities of gift giving/receiving with you. To do all these, we need your details. As this site deals with giving receiving materials we restrict registration only to persons above 20 years of age. Registration is free on this site. We do not share your personal information to any other third party other than law enforcement agency. We do not send you any mail with advertisements.


Listing a gift

When you want to give any item, you need to list in the site. Listing item informs other members to know about the item that you have on offer. Give a proper description of item that people will find easy to identify. It is always advisable to load a small picture of the item. Do not upload a huge picture file, we only display a small picture of the item. Describe your item in detail. If it is a branded item give make and model details so that receiver can understand your item properly. If there is any damage in the product do mention it to avoid any later disappointment. In this site we display items in different categories. Please take care to put under proper category so that people can find them.

For giving, consider items that you do not use any more. Items like tools, toys, books, music CDs, video games. Such items are useless for you and clutter your house. It can also be a house in a exotic location that is lying vacant or your time-share quota that will lapse. If spare house looks too big, you may give some discount coupons that you cannot use. By giving out such things you can make someone happy. Remember by such sharing you will get the joy of making another person happy. In return, you may also get something that you may like. Getting gift is full of surprises.

Second category of gift is something that you create. These are like work of art and craft - cakes, pastries, cookies, toys, decorative pieces, paintings, photograph. If you give it to someone who appreciates them you can make him/her happy. You also make some good friend.


Asking for a gift

Taking gift is as important as giving. Rarely one person can anticipate what the other person need. You can help other person by speaking up and by asking for things that you need. When you ask for some item it is often better to explain how you are going to use the item. Such details help the giver to come up with some innovative alternative. At times you may find suggested alternative to be better than what you originally wanted.

It is also useful to list all your desire and invite your friends in this site. That way your friends will know each other's wish and be able to give appropriate gift.


Claiming a gift

In the site, under each category you will see a brief description of gifts /asks listed in that category. When you find a gift that you want or find a gift that someone else has asked and you can fulfil, you need to see the details to ensure the gift is really what it is in the description. If you are unsure with the description you have option to contact the person who have listed the item. For reasons of security and privacy, we do not disclose email id. You can fill up the form with your message, which will be mailed to the member. All such communications are listed in mail tab.

Once you have confirmed the gift as something you really want you can click the button in detail page to indicate your liking for the gift. You will also need to indicate if you will pay for the mailing cost, collect the gift personally or want the giver to send it to you at his cost. You also need to fill up some message to the giver, which will help him decide the final recipient.


Sending item

Once receiver gives their acceptance, giver will get a notification mail. Normally more than one person may ask for the same gift, in such case giver will decide who will be final recipient of the gift. For this reason writing a clear note to giver is very important. It will help giver to decide.

Once giver selects recipient, he/she will see shipping address for the gift and get a form to fill shipment details.


Confirming receipt

Once giver ships the gift and fills up shipment details, recipient will be able to see the shipment details. This will help him to track the consignment. Once the item is received, receiver should mark receipt of the item. This will send a thank you note to giver and mark him as good giver. Please do not miss out on sending our the receipt acknowledgement.



We expect everyone to follow rules of the land and do not allow exchange of any narcotic substance, pornography, nudity, hate literature and arms in this site. Please do not list such materials in this site. Any offensive material that is not legally exchanged or objectionable to other members of this site will be unlisted. If any legally/morally offensive material is found listed in this site, we may report such listing to relevant legal authority.

Donanino is not a donation site. It is neither a disposal site. We are here to facilitate gift exchanges between an extended family of friends. Do not list gifts that you will feel ashamed to give to your physical friend. That means - do not offer to give used and torn clothes, broken toys etc. We love you to share your used items, provided that has been properly cared and are still usable by others. When you send some gifts, please ensure it is clean. Take due care in packing it properly, so that it do not break or get damaged during shipping.

Refrain from using abusive language or derogatory remarks in describing item or while communicating with other member. If you have any disagreement try to speak with other person to settle the difference. Remember, a phone call is ten times more effective than a mail.


About Donanino

Donanino is a site to facilitate exchanging gifts among its members. The objective of this site is popularise gift economy. Gift economy or Gift culture is a mode of exchanging goods and services where valuables are not traded or sold, but given out as gift. Gift is given without any intention getting of immediate or future return. That way gift is different from barter or trading.

Gift is different from donation either. Theoretically, a donation is given without any return from other side. That way donation is a one way transaction. In gift giving on the contrary, there is a exchange. Recipient of gift is expected to give gift to the giver in some other occasion. Just receiving gift and not reciprocating is bad manners. Thus gift is shared with equals and build an atmosphere of friendship. Exchange of gifts is sustainable in long run and when managed wisely, can be a sustainable economic model. One example of gift economy is the open source software which has made possible development of software like Linux, Ubuntu, PHP, Wikipedia and many other similar magnificent software. Time is now ripe to extend the idea of gift economy to other sphere of human interactions.

Apart from Gift economy, we have two other models for exchange of goods and services. One is barter system, where a good is exchanged in return of some other good. Second type of exchange model is trading - which is most practised form of exchange currently. Both these models have certain drawback that has been discussed by eminent economists.

In short, both trading and barter system tend to emphasise scarcity. People who are in position of control tend to give away large amount of valuable resources that are needed by people for small amount of scarce but relatively unimportant goods. For example, gold is priced much higher than steel. In reality, we need steel and probably can live without gold. Similar quid pro quo exchange make us devalue environment for want of things of questionable utility. Money has all these problems of barter exchange. In addition, money has a additional element of interest. This means, if we purchase goods for $100, after and process it, we are bound to return $100 + interest to banker. More money circulates, more goods and services goes to banker (or who ever produces money). Such mechanism helps a small number of influential people who control money. You may watch a short documentary Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film to get a brief idea on how money works to transfer wealth and create scarcity.

Reality of life is not scarcity. Nature has endowed our earth with abundant gifts, where all of us can live happily. Only secret is to share and give. You may read more about gift economy here.

Financial Arrangement

According to the principle of gift, there is no charge for using this site. This site is free to use and will remain so in future. We plan to meet the cost of developing and maintaining this site from gifts. If you like the service, please give to support the cause. Even a small gift goes a long way in boosting confidence on our effort.

Apart from financial donations, we seek your support in spreading news about this site. Please invite your friends to this site and help to popularise the site by sharing details about it in social media.


Play Safe

Please remember, we only verify email address of our members. There is no physical, financial or security verification. Do obey standard safety measure as you would do with any other internet sites, like Facebook®, Yahoo® etc: If you face any unpleasant incidence do report them with details. It will help us to take remedial measures.



  1. Donanino or its promoters are no way responsible for the material being listed in this site.
  2. Donanino or its promoters are not responsible for actions of its members. Each member act on their individual capacity and responsible for the actions done by them.
  3. There is no financial consideration involved in exchanging gifts.
  4. Donanino is not responsible for any tax or other monitory implications arising out of such transaction. If law of the land where the individuals are based requires payment of any taxes for gift exchange, it needs to be complied by such individual member.
  5. Donanino is not responsible for the products being exchanged. Products listed here are essentially gift items, meant to be exchanged between two individuals.
  6. Donanino is not responsible for quantity and quality of the product being exchanged. It has no responsibility in either direct or consequential damage caused by user of such product