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Dona Nino: The Gifting Children

Earth has plenty of wealth that is sufficient for all of us. Unfortunately, these resources are not uniformly spread around the globe. Some part of our planet is endowed with excess of sunlight, some have abandunt mineral, some have excellent mountain and snow and some other part have excellent beaches. These resources need our intervention to distribute and share with all. When we share these resources, every one of us can get sufficient amount to satisfy our need.

Since begining of civilization people have practiced the art of distributing resources to others. As the level of social interactions increased people moved to the process of bartering and then invented money to be the medium of exchange of goods. Exchanging material and services on quid pro quo basis created its own problem. When we attach economic values to resources, it gives more importance to marginal value rather than our actual need. Goods that are supposedly scarce tend to attract more value than goods that are actually required for our need. In this distorted valuation, we attach more value to a grain of gold, which is scarce, than a glass of water, something that we need. We tend to forget the fact that we can survive our entire life without gold, but can not survive even a week without water. It is this distorted vision that give rise to greed and make us withhold resources and make it scarce for others so that we can get better price for it. Our needs are limited, greed is unlimited.

The idea of a gifting society tries to reverse the ill effect of sharing goods for exchange. Gift giving creates mutual trust and respect. It creates friendship. Idea of gifting person is nothing new. Actually this was the most prevalent form of exchange and is still practiced in many part of the world. When a child is born he or she recives the gift of life from mother. Gift giving is the most natural form of sharing resources with another person. The idea is to give comes naturally to us. When we keep some resource with us that we do not need it is a waste. That unused item when shared with other can fulfil need for someone. When every person practices gift giving then everyone gets sufficient resources to fulfil their need.

Many time we want to exchange gifts but have no idea on who may want the item. In some cities there are gift circles that meet regularly to exchange gifts. Every one is not lucky enough to live in such city. Even if we create such circle, reach of such circle is limited. Gift circle is not available all time. This site is created with the aim to facilitate such exchange of gift. Here you can list items that you want to gift. The item may be something that you have made, or something that you have. You may even offer your spare time and share your skills with those who may need them. If you are looking for something then feel free to ask it here. Someone may have similar thing lying unused with him or may just want to give it to someone like you. If you have a gift circle then use this site in addition to your gift circle. With this site your gift circle just become bigger. Feel free to exchange gifts. Ask your friends to join. Life is fun when you share.